Al Nukhba OFS in-depth knowledge in Iraq is imperatively effective and understands the business scope for public and private organization.  With the professional, experienced and devoted workforce, and a progressive management, whose combined effort are required to resolve and assist with any challenges for the common good.

Al Nukhba OFS started its business in 2005 as an investor in Basra area in the specialized fields and expanded business areas in water and wastewater treatment plants and pre-drilling oil field services, logistics & custom clearance and oil field services. Al Nukhba OFS is moving towards a better future.

We provide punch of services such as end-to-end logistics solutions and services along with of value added services to customize your supply chain to meet your precise goals and requirements. Our dedicated teams select and apply the exact resources you need to improve your business’s performance and provide flexibility for a dynamic marketplace.

 Al Nukhba OFS in incorporation with the major companies for energy projects and has contract with Ministry of Electricity Iraq & hold an exclusive HCL distribution contract with Ministry of Industry & Minerals for AL Furat Factory.

Al Nukhba is cooperating with major power companies i.e. Ansaldo Energia to develop the power sectors in Iraq and we have strong support from Wood Group P&W through their Iraq Agent for the development of power section as well.

We’re associated with big names like Baker Hughes, ENKA, Eni, Scania, Daewoo, Petromid, KOGAS, Techno Engineering, TAAZ, Oilserv etc. and successfully completed no. of projects for them like mobilization/maintenance of RIG, Logistics and other life support services, Surveillance, Fuel & Manpower supply, Distribution & Warehousing, Camp & Site Preparation/Maintenance besides 4PL logistics and other subcontracting jobs and we provide immigration service too. We have strong relationship with SOC and Ministry of Energy in Iraq.  We were agents also for Interpipe and ZPEC Drilling Company.

We are a current agent, supplier and distributor for:

  • Parker Trade Link International (A Supply Chain Management Company)
  • Chesterton
  • Bentonite, Calcium Carbonate and other minerals for all varieties
  • Power Generator
  • Nystrom Building Materials

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