G4S Secure Solutions Iraq (SSI) – stabilizing and restoring life in Mosul.

In July 2018, G4S established a base in Mosul to support the Explosive Hazard Reduction (EHR) and other operations in the Nineveh Region.

Operating from the Mosul Villa that doubles as a secure and safe accommodation base to support all the projects in the north of Iraq, G4S together with a local partner is contributing in the reconstruction of Mosul by clearing Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) from the city and ensuring it is safe for residents to return.

Daily tasks involve non-technical searches (NTS), engagement with the residents through the Community Liaison Officers (CLO), operational mentoring and training, manual searching of explosives and explosive ordnance disposals.

G4Ss operations involve clearing schools, public parks, municipality buildings, health centres, hospitals, water canals, water treatment plants, factories and other infrastructures in the Nineveh province; a crucial challenge is to also ensure that there are no explosive hazards buried underneath the ground.

In addition to clearing sites, G4S is also involved in providing Risk Education to the residents on the dangers of unexploded ordnance that they are likely to encounter in the neighbourhood that were once occupied by ISIS.

Since operations began, the G4S teams have cleared a substantial number of explosive hazards from schools, some of which were used by ISIS as bomb making factories. During the three year ISIS rule, children were deprived of education and thus the clearance of these schools has played a significant role towards restoring normalcy, with children now able to return to school.

­­­­­­Upcoming tasks include G4S getting involved in the prestigious multi-agency plan to provide fresh, clean drinking water through new pipelines across Mosul, that will reach up to 15,000 local people. In this project, G4S will provide Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) / Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) cover.

The G4S team together with the local partner are making daily progress, risking their lives to clear one site at a time.

Small, but sure steps towards rebuilding Mosul.