ARCHS group is a large, diverse, multi-national company, working in construction, electrical and mechanical contracts, supply and erection of machinery and other equipment such as water treatment plants. Run by Mr. Charchafchi sons, Mohammad and Hussain, the partnership company operates in many areas of the UK and the Middle East.

The company has a reputation for extremely professional relationships with clients, customers and staff. Work hard to ensure that joint venture partnerships, solo projects and all subsidiaries under the ARCHS Group name follow a code of conduct that promotes professionalism, fairness, safety and quality at all times. In working with ARCHS you can be confident in over 60 years of experience, and the knowledge that our broad range of expertise brings superiority to each project from the initial meeting, to the final handover.Has an outstanding record for health and safety management and person-hours on projects without lost time due to accidents. We employ a dedicated team of health and safety professionals in the UK and abroad to ensure that legislative requirements are met, employees are constantly trained and examined.

Our health and safety culture is always top of the agenda at board meetings and we strive to never be complacent about the importance of our duty of care to all employees, contractors, clients and general public across all of our projects.

British Embassy at the green zone in Baghdad and British consulate in Basra, work involved, Accommodation buildings, Maintenance workshop, Generator House, Swimming pool, RO plant, Kitchen, restaurant and laundry facilities and Sewage treatment plants.

Engineering , procurement, construction, installation and commissioning of 132 Kv OHL between Nasiryah and Shatra.

Working with ABB supply and Engineering MOE / Iraq  directorates “Upper Euphrates Transmission, Northern Transmission and Engineering Transmission Projects” to rebuild the country infrastructure power for Substations. The following contracts awarded and supplied by ARCHS, ABB/ARCHS consortium and equipment supplied from ABB:-

  • Supply of protection relays & 400 KV CB to Upper Euphrates Transmission..
  • Supply of 400 KV switchgear spare parts, 132 KV bushings & Adapters to North Transmission.
  • Supply of 400 Kv complete diameter to Diyala substation extension from Engineering Transmission Projects doing Engineering, procurement and client staff training.
  • Supply of 3 x 400 Kv power transformers single phase with spare parts from ABB / Spain, 3 x oil filters with spare parts from ARRAS MAXEI group in France to North Transmission.
  • Supply 10 x 132 / 33 Kv, 45 MVA to Basra Governorate from ABB / Italy on 2015 for the value of 27 billion IQD.
  • Contract signature on December 2016 for the supply of 5 x 132 / 33 Kv, 45 MVA to Basra Governorate from ABB / Italy for the value of 15 billion IQD.

The Company has accomplished extensive work in the following areas:

Power : ARCHS joint venture with Mitas, a Turkish company. Companies joint venture awarded from the PCO in Iraq the new supply of materials, constructing and commission of 46km 132kv overhead line between Nasiriyah and Shatra.

Construction : ARCHS has carries out extensive construction work in Baghdad and Basra, with a high degree of professionalism. Construction works in Baghdad & Basra include Sewage Treatment Plants, Generator Houses and Accommodation facilities among others.

Water Treatment: ARCHS’s work includes the operation, maintenance and concrete delivery to construction sites in Iraq.