Baghdad Chamber of Commerce is an important organization in Iraq, which has a long history in supporting the national economy through the revitalization of the private sector.

The Chamber provides different organizational and advisory services. It is in charge of registering the trademarks of businesses and performs studies of business and marketing conditions in the governorate of Baghdad and proposes solutions to problems hindering development. It also provides commercial arbitration to resolve trade disputes and assigns experts and representatives for this purpose.

Since its establishment in 1926, the Chamber has provided services to traders through the issuance of certificates of origin for all goods produced in Iraq and the issuance and ratification of other necessary business documents. It has also provided advice and information and data to members of the Chamber relating to their commercial activities.

The Chamber contributes to the preparation of publications that aim to spread awareness of the trade between members and raise the professional level. It also provides answers to legal inquiries raised by its members and certifies members’ contracts and signatures, when requested to do so.

The Chamber also encourages its members to participate in local and international trade fairs, in coordination with the relevant authorities, to supplement the national economy with the latest market developments and to consolidate relations between the local and international companies.

The Chamber witnessed a notable development in the technical field lately; the data system is now supported with the latest technology and printers to print identity cards and extract immediate reports to overcome all the difficulties that were facing the traders in previous periods. Despite all difficulties, the Chamber has always heldA conferences, seminars and lectures where it invites foreign and Iraqi experts and traders to discuss relevant issues and produce recommendations and proposals in order to encourage investment and promote an active role for the private sector.