The Najaf Chamber of commerce was founded in 1950, the first Chamber founded in the district and the fifth in Iraq.

 Najaf is a very important center of commerce, trading and industry. The Najaf Chamber of commerce is a commercial and professional establishment with a legal personality with independent financial and administrative status. It is represented by its chairman or whoever he authorizes as vice chairman.

The NCoC has 55 employees and is the only chamber in Iraq which has four centers to support its activities. These are:

  1. Najaf Small Business Development Center
  2. Tourism Development Center
  3. Najaf Center for Women in Business
  4. Research & Studies Center

Since its foundation, it has worked to benefit businesses and protect their interests.

In the last few years, tasks and functions of the Najaf Chamber have increased and been extended owing to the changes in the economic system and regulations. The Chamber gives expert advise to help to promote further economic awareness and understanding for its members, and is determined to help them achieve their aims and ambitions. This in turn helps the people of Najaf, developing and improving the city economically and socially.

The Chamber also plays a minor role in promoting the city internationally. To This end, it has signed a number of agreements with foreign organizations and is looking forward to developing many more.

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