‘Iraq is a success, a positive story’ – Briefing to the UN Security Council by SRSG for Iraq Ján Kubiš

Ján Kubiš Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) gives briefing to the Security Council in New York 13 Nov 2018

Mr Kubis briefed the Security Council on a variety of matters including the recent general elections held in May. Mr Kubis stated that while the government formation process has not been without controversy, the political blocs have demonstrated a willingness to act in support of the Prime Minister and that competition and differences have been largely political and not sectarian, and in this way, a break from the past. All of these primary partners and political forces Mr Kubis stated, now share a responsibility for creating an enabling environment for the new PM and government to deliver on its programme, and for its stability.

Mr Kubis highlighted the need for the new administration to focus on the citizen first and foremost, job creation for the unemployed, and young people in particular. The rehabilitation and reconstruction of liberated areas and the return of IDPs are also key priorities. Mr Kubis also highlighted the need to strengthen security, fight terrorism, enhance law and order and the rule of law. He also stressed that that special attention should be given to resolving pending challenges with the Kurdistan Region, including the issues of budget allocation and financial resources, oil and disputed areas.

Mr Kubis commended the exemplary democratic transfer of power between the outgoing Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, and incoming Prime Minister Abdul-Mahdi. He stated the new Government intends to start immediately on the delivery of services and jobs, and justice, on reforming and energizing the economy, and effective governance, including fighting corruption and administrative red-tape. In this regard, Iraq will require and counts on the continued support of the international community.

Mr Kubis continued that UNAMI continues to advocate for justice and accountability for international crimes. On the 6 of November, UNAMI and OHCHR jointly launched a report entitled “Unearthing Atrocities: Mass Graves in territory formerly controlled by ISIL.” At least 202 mass graves have been discovered in Iraq, believed to contain the remains of many thousands of victims of Da’esh-perpetrated atrocities. He continued that in October, UNAMI established a Women Advisory Group on Reconciliation and Politics in Iraq (WAG) that will serve as a political inclusion mechanism to ensure that the voices, concerns and experiences of Iraqi women are included in political processes that shape national reconciliation, based on the principles of peaceful coexistence, respect for diversity and non-discrimination.

On the 28 of October, the Government of Iraq chaired the first formal meeting of the Executive Committee on Recovery, Reconstruction and Development. This high-level committee is mandated to provide a coordination platform for strategic guidance on national priorities to take forward the work set out in the Kuwait Conference on the Reconstruction of Iraq in February of this year. This signals a Government’s determined shift towards development and investment.

Mr Kubis concluded that has against all odds and scepticism Iraq has a promising future prospect for the country and its people. Iraq is a success, a positive story, in the region marked by many negative trends and developments.

Read the full report here: http://www.uniraq.org/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=9927:briefing-to-the-security-council-by-srsg-for-iraq-jan-kubis-new-york-13-november-2018-as-delivered&Itemid=712&lang=en