IBBC Young Executives Network – Mission Statement

We believe Iraq to be a nation best defined by its deep historic roots in commerce and its flourishing global diaspora. The IBBC Young Executives Network is a platform committed to strengthening and maintaining the longstanding relationship between Iraq and Britain by bringing together the ideas and expertise of subject matter experts, IBBC members and young professionals in the UK, Iraq and internationally. It is a diverse and pluralistic platform created to foster collaboration, encourage discourse and support the development of connections within the business, academic and cultural ecosystem of Iraq.

Our Core Values

Principal Objectives

Connect young professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and business men/women (aged 25-40) via social media, networking events, round table discussions, business introductions and conferences.

Support academic and career development through our strong connection with IBBC members by providing invaluable networking, mentoring and internship opportunities.

Facilitate economic development and international investment.

Value Proposition

Membership Criteria

IBBC – Young Executives Network will operate under the existing IBBC organisational and governance structure. In order to be eligible for membership the following criteria must be met:

The Business Influence with the IBBC – Young Executives Network

A stable economy is a cornerstone of any thriving nation and Iraq must revive and expand its economic base to bring economic security and prosperity to its people. For decades the Iraqi diaspora have thrived in a range of professions while invaluably contributing to their respective fields. This is of particular pertinence in the UK where longstanding economic and commercial ties between the two nations and peoples has formed a solid foundation of Anglo Iraqi understanding and cooperation.

The IBBC Young Executives Network aims to create a platform that transcends borders and affiliations, encouraging Iraqi executives, professionals and entrepreneurs from a range of industries and sectors to strengthen their networks, support each other and leverage their expertise to facilitate the development of a secure, prosperous and unified Iraq.

The Media Influence with IBBC – Young Executives Network

The media, with specific reference to the international network (Internet) and social media, plays a vital role in the development of any nation. Media provides a strong influence to the society in which it operates, reaching a wide yet targeted audience. Similarly, society provides a framework in which the media operates within it. Every medium has a message, it aims at influence a change to a targeted audience; it influences attitudes and perception.

The IBBC – Young Executives Network will create a dialogue within the youth members to discuss methods and provide tools in which the web and social media could be used to create a better international network between the new generation in Iraq, UK and to every country that we could reach. We hope to broaden ourselves by establishing personal connections via Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogs and YouTube.

The Technological Influence with IBBC – Young Executives Network

Technology, is a vague description of something that is intertwined with all world matters. But as students and young adults, it is though the digital world that we connect. The IBBC – Young Executives Network would like to create a discussion about the technologies used today and their impact on the Iraqi and global youth. The technologies of the web, programming, gaming, mobile applications and their uses. As well as the impact of virtual and augmented reality and the technologies that aid intelligent design.

This particular topic is very relevant in today’s times and it must be a vital point of discussion in order to have a better understanding of the upcoming changes in the region and around the world. The IBBC – Young Executives Network would like to refer to pioneers like Stelarc, Dr. Rachel Armstrong, University Tutors and various others whom we will request their expert opinion on the matter.

The Architectural Influence with IBBC – Young Executives Network

Architecture of Iraq, influenced and shaped civilisations all across the globe. The rich heritage and cultural leadership had been prominent across the tide of time from the ancient Mesopotamian to the modern metropolis of Baghdad. Architecture is the definition of a country and the discussions this leads to are endless, the exploration of key strategies that would support the post-war reconstruction of Iraq through urban development, housing and infrastructure will be strongly perused.

Furthermore, the IBBC – Young Executives Network will endeavour to articulate the impact of architecture concepts to modern times today. How we, as young adults can benefit from not only the concepts of the past but articulate upcoming ones. The late Zaha Hadid, had been a shining example of modern Iraqi architecture, not only from the outstanding building design, but the conceptual reasoning behind them. Zaha Hadid, Rifaat Al Chadarchi and hundreds of Iraqi architects have provided key schemes in which a national development can take place, those need to be explored further as part of the Youth Council.

Young Executives Network members

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